Plantzy PDX

What we value:

A Natural Aesthetic ~ Gardens as Art

  • Plantzy strives to bring the beauty of the natural world closer to us and our everyday lives.
  • We create curves and forms for the terrain and other features that mimic the natural landscape.
  • Plants are integral to — and inspiration for — the beauty of the landscape.
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Backyard Habitat ~ Native Plants

  • A high diversity of native plants are included in most of the gardens we create. This supports a higher diversity of wildlife and pollinators!
  • Which plants and natural accessories would attract the types of organisms that you want in your garden?
  • Site specific plant selections: which species grew here prior to development?
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You ~ Our Client

  • We want you to have a garden that you can enjoy for many years to come.
  • What do you imagine you would value most for your yard?
  • What can one expect if hiring Plantzy for a project?
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What we do:

plantzy (adj.) – Fancy, from the perspective of the plants. Pertaining to an abundance and diversity of plants, or an aesthetic derived from such, especially within the natural environment.

Who we are:

Zak Weinstein (Founder):

Zak brings a blend of practical know-how, artistry and vision to the work he does. Whether it is the attention to detail put into a planting design or the additional effort and ingenuity for a trellis installation, he does what it takes to create beautiful, high quality work.

Zak has loved plants since he was a child, growing up with oak prairie in his backyard. He has a familiarity with the plant species of Western Oregon that goes beyond his formal education, (a botany degree at OSU),  and has worked as a field botanist for a variety of nonprofits, institutions and agencies. He has considerable experience as a landscaper and is a licensed landscape construction professional.

~A well trained team is currently being built, with others who shares Zak’s/Plantzy’s philosophy and high standards, as well as bringing their own gifts to the company.

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