A Natural Aesthetic – Gardens as Art

A Natural Aesthetic – Gardens as Art

We see terrain as art. Curves and organic forms are created with inspiration from the natural world. As we spend the majority of our lives in urban landscapes, a respite from them, not just while out on the occasional hike, is desirable, and some could say necessary, for our peace of mind. 

A painting, 3D rendering, or photograph of a landscape can be captivating, but they are never as immersive an experience as an actual landscape. Groups and mixtures of species form diverse compositions of colors and textures. Looking closely, each individual plant has its own unique beauty to share.

Plantzy Gardens and Designs strives to bring this beauty closer to us and our everyday lives.

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an ephemeral arrangement of fallen flower

plantzy (adj.) – Fancy, from the perspective of the plants. Pertaining to an abundance and diversity of plants, or an aesthetic derived from such, especially within the natural environment.

People have asked us where the name of our business comes from. It was a word that Zak created prior to using it as a business name. It began by combining the words fancy and plant. The word beautiful is overused, and the meaning, so broad.

The word plantzy isn’t fanciful, it fills a much needed niche. When you went out on a hike, was it merely beautiful, or was it also plantzy?

We don’t really think plants have their own aesthetic perspective, this definition is meant to be a bit playful, but why not try to imagine what the aesthetic perspective of the plants would be.