Backyard Habitat ~ Native Plants

Although we coin ourselves as a botanically inspired business, hence our focus on plants, the fact that plants rely on fungi, animals, and other organisms is important to us. Plant selection can take into account which species would be most beneficial to wildlife, such as plants that promote pollinators. Besides plants, other landscape features can be incorporated to benefit wildlife.

With a proclivity for (yet not limited to) native plants, we install anything, from gardens based on species composition of local native plant communities to ones that include exotic species. We are committed to NOT planting species that can be invasive in the natural environment or ones that could be harmful to wildlife.

Plantzy can help you improve your backyard habitat whether or not you are trying to become Backyard Habitat-certified, which is a program we encourage you to participate in (

Zak, the founder of Plantzy and a field botanist, is passionate about native plants. We strive to bring a high diversity of native plants to gardens, both in the love for plants and because a higher diversity of native plants means higher quality habitat.