Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

**Note: At this time, we only do maintenance work in the gardens that we design/install, except when mentioned. We realize that this is an important service and hope to have the capacity to maintain existing gardens soon**

Does your existing garden need some care? 

Weeding: We have a more detailed approach to weeding; thorough and efficient. Our staff has plant ID skills, (so they won’t be removing anything desirable!), and will remove as much root/rhizome as possible. Includes invasive species control.

Sheet mulching: depending on the situation we can install multilayered sheet mulching, including around plantings. This approach: keeps weeds from sending up growth to photosynthesize, starves the roots/rhizomes/bulbs, and prevents the existing seed bank from germinating for up to a year and a half.

Pruning: specialty pruning of shrubs, trees and other perennials with an aesthetic approach that protects the health of the tree or shrub. For instance: shaping/layering Japanese Maples, defining crowded shrubs or selective removal of  branches to bring in more light.

-We do not offer lawn care, though can edge a lawn when weeding an adjacent bed.