Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Does your existing garden need some care? 

Weeding: We have a more detailed approach to weeding; thorough and efficient. We will remove your weeds but not your native plants and other desirable plants and as much root/rhizome as possible. This includes invasive species control.

Pruning: Anything from clearing out unwanted woody plants and pruning things back, to more detailed pruning, with more of an aesthetic approach.

Pruning can help bring in more light for sun loving native plants or removing lower branches can create space for shade plants underneath. Also, pruning can allow for views into other parts of your yard or to maintain privacy without taking up too much space for other plants. Of course, pruning can improve the appearance of the shrubs and trees themselves. As some of you know, especially with many of the native shrubs, they can get too big for urban yards, so keeping them pruned back in a natural looking way is important.

Sheet mulching: depending on the situation, we can install sheet mulching, including around existing plantings if applicable. This approach: keeps weeds from sending up growth to photosynthesize, starves the roots/rhizomes, and prevents the existing seed bank from germinating. Some nonnative plants can persist after sheet mulching breaks down, so us being able to identify what plants you have in your yard can be helpful.


We offer maintenance as needed when we are able to, with follow-up visits being an option, though we do not offer regular monthly maintenance currently. Contact us to find out when we could help you!

-We do not offer lawn care, though can edge a lawn when weeding an adjacent bed.