Job Posting: Landscape Installation Assistant

Job Posting:

*** Postion has been filled, though feel free to leave a resume and cover letter for when we have another opening***

Landscape Installation Assistant

Be part of creating Plantzy’s unique landscapes!  Everything from prairie, to rock gardens and wetland gardens such as seeps, bogs, and ponds. We have planted over a hundred and seventy species of native plants. Check out what we do:

This position is project based and starts with a paid trial day. Many projects are coming up. It would become a more consistent full-time job over time. Being available to work at least 30 hours a week starting out is desirable. Flexibility is needed due to weather and other unpredictability.

You would be getting training in many different tasks by Zak Weinstein, who is the founder of Plantzy. Having experience in some form of physical labor is important.

Pay starts at $17 per hour and for longer term employees pay would go over $20 an hour. You  would need to have a working vehicle to get to the job sites within the Portland metro area. Carpooling may be feasible at times. Tools are provided. If you already have some experience that proves particularly valuable, your pay would be raised within the first month.

To apply, send a resume and a half to full page cover letter to

Assisting with the following tasks (not limited to):

  • Grading/sculpting of terrain by hand
  • Placement/spreading of soil and other materials
  • Rock placement  
  • Steel installation (edging, retaining walls etc.)
  • Planting
  • Building trellises and other garden constructions

Desired Attributes:

  • Attention to Detail
    • Have the patience to do things to Plantzy’s high standards
    • Be alert to and value the aesthetic considerations of a project.
  • Efficiency
    • Tasks are to be completed at a reasonably fast pace. 
    • Improve one’s efficiency as one becomes familiar with tasks.
  • Good Communication
    • Has interest in learning both the task at hand and other aspects of the project.
    • Easily able to accept critical feedback.
  • Physical Abilities
    • Strength –  heavy materials are handled and high forces are applied with tools. Be able to lift over 75 lbs repeatedly.
    • Endurance – be able to work a full 8 hour day doing intense physical work multiple days in a row.
    • Flexibility – work is often done in body positions that require flexibility to be able to work efficiently and to not be too hard on the body.
  • Extra abilities (not required)
    • Handy- skilled with many different kinds of tools
    • Has native plant / ecology knowledge.