Who we are

Who we are

Zak Weinstein (Founder):

Zak brings a blend of practical know-how, artistry and vision to the work he does. Whether it is the attention to detail put into a planting design or the additional effort and ingenuity for a trellis installation, he does what it takes to create beautiful, high quality work. Zak has loved plants since he was a child, growing up with oak prairie in his backyard. He has a familiarity with the plant species of Western Oregon that goes beyond his formal education, (a botany degree at OSU),  and has worked as a field botanist for a variety of nonprofits, institutions and agencies. He has considerable experience as a landscaper and is a licensed landscape construction professional.

Zak’s passion for botany includes scientific/ecological appreciation as well as aesthetic/experiential. He is inspired by the natural world to create; whether it be a landscape, a beverage of foraged herbs, or an ephemeral arrangement of fallen plant material. He has devoted countless hours as a volunteer in plant related activities, including guiding hikes, coordinating activities, and as a board member of the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

During his work as a field botanist, Zak collected percent cover data of every plant species in meter by meter square plots, intimately getting to know the plant communities he has worked in. Such layered complexity can lie just within a few feet of the ground. Zak feels to design and install native plant gardens that approach this level of complexity/beauty, observing to the level of detail needed to collect percent cover data, is the best inspirational exposure.

Who else:

Zak carefully selects Plantzy’s team who share his philosophy and high standards while bringing their own gifts to the company.

Zak in a garden that he designed, and installed along with others
Zak welding, one of his many skills
Zak loves botanizing, always more native plant species to get to know