Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Design and Installation

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Water fall from a pond into a rain garden.

Water enters a small pond above the waterfall and falls down into a series of raingardens.


Water fall from a pond into a rain garden.

Mini mountains with the pathway, allowing one to stroll around them.


A mini mountain in the summer after plenty of growth!


Water enters the seep and goes down into the bog and drips into a rain garden.


A prairie hillock atop steel terracing.


Rain Garden for a village of tiny homes where was flat lawn.


The rain garden later in the spring. Over 60 species were planted.


A wood slab bridge spans a rain garden.


Rock and prairie garden above the rain garden


Water flows down a stream from the upper pond to the lower


Another view of the stream. Streambank Arnica is in bloom.


A rock garden with a roof water fed stream below


Water came down from the upper rain garden in a dynamic terrain


The hillocks will soften with
the growth of a thousand plants

YMG_2458 (1)

Trellis for colorful vines, made of treated field selected hazel wood


A mountainous rock garden with steel work, for a Jewish Community Center


Alcove with a custom bench.


It will become colorful like a hike high in the Cascades


A colorful rain garden


A Rock garden rising up where was lawn


Tiered steel petal shaped beds radiating from a seating area

20200805_165839 (1)

Rain Garden with Rocks holding the slope

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~Botanically inspired, with a refined aesthetic and a wild look~


Types of Gardens:

  • Prairie / Meadow / Pollinator
  • Rock / Alpine
  • Woodland / Shade
  • Wetland Gardens:
    • Rain
    • Seep
    • Bog
    • Water Gardens:
      • Ponds
      • Waterfalls
      • Streams
  • Riparian gardens
  • Drought tolerant gardens
    • Southern Oregon plants gardens.
    • Edible plant gardens

Everything from site specific native plantings to those incorporating some exotic species.

We have planted over 170 species of native plants!

Each placed with care, either using the existing contours or within a sculpted topography mimicking the natural landscape.


Hardscaping (included with garden installations) :

  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Retaining walls / Terraces
  • Benches
  • Bridges
  • Trellises
  • Living walls
  • Sculpture
  • Garden rooms

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